I freelanced with XYZ to work as the lead designer on Allbirds first London store. Allbirds are a US brand that is said to make the comfiest shoes in the world. The store was to be based in Covent Garden and would be a starting point for them to launch the brand in the UK. The concept was based around the environment of London, how Londoners seek to escape the city by resting in parks, to sit and look out on to the city.

The store was designed to reflect this environment and give shoppers a feel of a real Londoners experience of the city. The shoe display panels are representative of materials used in some of London most iconic buildings, the concrete of the Barbican and the South Bank, for example, buildings we see when we take respite from the city in one of its many parks. 



I worked for Selfridges on a freelance basis to design windows for the launch of their new eyewear department which is the largest in Europe. Benedikt Luft created an animation for the eyewear launch and the windows designed to showcase those animations. Compositions of cutout shapes were inspired by his graphic style using playful materials and colours.

I designed and then created visuals for each of the 4 windows which were then turned into 3D executions. 



I worked on this project for Tresemme with Seen Group to create an experience for influencers to experience the brand expertise. The concept for the space was to create a brand apartment, creating areas based around the kitchen, bathroom etc. where influencers can learn from industry leaders. The kitchen area is a space where chefs and nutritionists can give exert dietary advice. The bathroom allowed guests to learn from beauty and hairdressers who are experts in their field, this continued with the office and dining room. Photographers and stylists were amongst some of the leaders and speakers.

I created the look and feel and designed each space with the brand in mind. The apartment was focused on a stylish female audience and I based the design of each area on current trends. Soft drapes separate each 'room' plants and white oak flooring bring life to the space and there is modern materiality to the space.



I worked with the eyewear brand on a concept for their showroom space in Soho and for their standalone store in Westfield. Developing a brand concept and design for both. Kit's head office, Kite Studios is a space to create, innovate and create. A space to collaborate with brand partners and to connect with customers.

As the space is a working design studio, it needed to hold samples, tools and computers. The space needed to allow designers to be creative and help them run through the design process smoothly. As well as the studio the space also holds events. This allows collaborators and customers to know the brand better and to see them in their natural environment.



I worked with the small middle eastern restaurant chain Del Aziz on a new concept for their existing site in Clapham Old Town. They were looking for a new look and feel for the restaurant to help the brand move in a new direction and to re-position Del Aziz Clapham as a destination for casual drinking with a strong food offer for an eclectic mix of locals.

I focused on making the bar the heart of the space, with a focus on creating buzz and highlighting the fact that the space has two distinct bars and restaurant space at the back.

del azizdel aziz


Hello Beautiful are a charity set up by Jane Hutchinson, a former Fitch employee who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Through her branding agency Hello Love, Jane uses art as a tool to create awareness campaigns to effect change.

The charity focuses on empowering people with cancer and prevention through messages on healthy living, positive thinking and non-toxic living. The space will constantly evolve with an ever-changing narrative, allowing collaborators from a network of artists and other charities. As one of the main concepts for the store was to be flexible, I designed fixtures that could be used in a variety of ways such as boxes of varying sizes that can be stacked. T.his project was completed during my time at Fitch.

hello lovehello love